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7/20/03 -- Version 2.14 (New dev version)
      -- Fixed scheduled page bug
      -- Added binaries for OS X

2/24/03 -- Version 2.13 (New dev version)
      -- Added proxy support for WCTP protocol
      -- Added the ability to nest a group within a group
      -- Added additional stats for message logging

1/5/03 -- Version 2.03 (New stable version)
      -- Ported source code to HP-UX, AIX, and FreeBSD

10/7/02 -- Version 2.02 (New stable version)
      -- Fixed server logging bug
      -- Added ability to send to multiple recipients from command line

10/5/02 -- Version 2.12 (New development version)
      -- Fixed server logging bug
      -- Added ability to send to multiple recipients from command line

9/2/02 -- Version 2.1 (New development version)
      -- Ported to Gtk+ 2.xx
      -- Improved the AutoPage code
      -- Optimized the logging code

6/24/02 -- Version 2.01 (New stable version)
      -- Removed a buffer overflow from the two way message reply code

4/01/02 -- Version 2.0 (New stable version)
      -- Removed some debugging code
      -- Fixed a bug in the network database code which may corrupt a database

2/24/02 -- Development Version 2.0 Beta_2
      -- Fixed a bug in the wctp code which might report incorrect status of a page
      -- Added the ability to send a page via the client from the command line

2/04/02 -- Development Version 2.0 Beta_1
      -- Fixed network database loading bug which might stop the client from reading a database
      -- Fixed the statusbar resizing bug
      -- Added the ability for the server to ban or accept clients based upon their domain names as well as their ip address
      -- Fixed the client database code to handle errors more gracefully

12/10/01 -- Development Version 1.14
      -- Added error logging for when g-page is unable to parse a file while in autopage mode
      -- Added the ability for the server to execute a user defined script to dial an Internet connection if it is unable to access one.
      -- Fixed several bugs in autopage regarding problems it had handling large messages
      -- Fixed several bugs regarding problems reading a network database
      -- Changed the memory allocating scheme to safely and efficiently handle larger page messages

9/24/01 -- Development Version 1.13
      -- Added the ability to automatically rollover to a local snpp server if no Internet connection is available
      -- Added the ability to run the client as a daemon for autopage - No X server is needed
      -- Added the ability for the paging server to define a list of valid ip addresses, allowing you to deny anyone who is not in the list
      -- Added the ability to create and save multiple autopage profiles
      -- Added the ability to define how g-page handles the text you have entered into the message entry box after a page has been attempted
      -- Added the ability to have the g-page client poll every X hours for automatic deleteing of old log files
      -- Fixed several bugs in autopage - it should be fairly stable now
      -- The g-page client now prints out the number or receivers/groups you have selected in the lower right hand status bar

7/18/01 -- Development Version 1.121
      -- Fixed a bug which caused the view log code to skip certain days

7/16/01 -- Development Version 1.12
      -- Added the ability to query a wctp server for a response from a two way pager
      -- Added the ability to send pre-canned message responses to a two way wctp pager
      -- Changed the preferences dialog box for future flexibility
      -- Cleaned up the code for loading logged pages into the view log dialog box
      -- Fixed a bug which may cause autopage to to fork-bomb when executing a script

5/15/01 -- Version 1.02
      -- Fixed a bug which may stop or report incorrect status of scheduled pages

5/01/01 -- Development Version 1.1
      -- Redesigned client to be multi-threaded
      -- Introduced a multi-threaded server design for asynchronous I/O
      -- Added the ability to ban a client from sending a page
      -- Added the ability for the server to log all pages along with the IP address of the client that originated the page
      -- The server can be assigned a listening port from the command line, allowing you to run multiple servers simultaneously
      -- Added a database server allowing the g-page client to read a database from any client or server running the database server
      -- Added the ability to delete logs by date or name
      -- Added the ability to duplicate a receiver or service entry
      -- Added an option for the client to display status of the server (running/not running)
      -- Added the ability to insert a time stamp at the end of every page
      -- Added AutoPage - Allowing you to define scripts to execute which pipe data back to g-page for dispatch to a pager
      -- Added autopage feature allowing you to send data from other programs for g-page to dispatch
      -- Changed interface, adding a status bar showing the elapsed time for sending pages
      -- Added the ability to convert a network database into a local database
      -- Added the ability to backup and restore your database files

3/12/01 -- Version 1.01
      -- Removed all use of the tempnam() function in both client and server
      -- Fixed a bug which stopped a recurring scheduled page from autosplitting

2/4/01 -- Version 1.0
      -- Debug logging was removed from client
      -- Several minor tweaks were made to the the Server
      -- Several small memory leaks were removed
      -- Some un-needed code was removed

1/12/01 -- Beta-1 New release including:
      -- Bug fix for creating scheduled pages
      -- Changed the procedures for using temp files
      -- Fixed the sorting routine for the logged page viewer
      -- Cleaned up some minor memory leaks
      -- Improved client side error handling when server crashes
      -- Added keyboard shortcuts for all menu functions

11/28/00 -- 0.60 New release including:
      -- Port to the Sun Solaris platform
      -- Manual paging - Ability to telnet into the server and send a page
      -- Support for sending a CC of all pages to a receivers email address
      -- Support for defining the precedence for the paging protocols
      -- Added double click support for viewing log messages
      -- Added a "G" icon for groups in the main receiver/group list box
      -- Fixed a bug which could corrupt the scheduled paging id database
      -- Added the ability to integrate with Quick Page for sending TAP pages

10/28/00 -- 0.50 New release including:
      -- Support for the WCTP Protocol
      -- Recurring scheduled pages
      -- Fixed a bug which stopped g-page from sending pages via email if they failed via snpp
      -- performed some memory optimization for the server
      -- Previous database files for scheduled paging will not be compatible with the version
      -- Previous versions of RECEIVER.dat and SERVICE.dat will not be compatible with this version

09/25/00 -- 0.40 New release including:
      -- Support for sending scheduled pages
      -- Improved the message logging dialog box

07/30/00 -- 0.31 Bug fix:
      -- Fixed a bug that stopped gpage from exiting properly

07/26/00 -- 0.30 New release including:
      -- Pre-defined messages
      -- Support for multiple databases
      -- Auto-delete of log files
      -- Automatic page signature
      -- Resend page from log file
      -- Resend last message
      -- Right click popup menus to edit receivers/groups
      -- List Receivers and Services dialogs can be sorted by any field
      -- Improved error reporting
      -- Most memory leaks are gone
      -- The CONFIG.dat file must reside in ~/.gpage
      -- Previous versions of SERVICE.dat and log.gpage will not work with this version (sorry)
      -- The g-page server can be run as a daemon

06/19/00 -- 0.20
      -- Predefined groups can now be stored on the software
      -- Autosplitting of longer messages
      -- Support for the SNPP protocol
      -- Message log viewing - select view by name or date
      -- Better error handling for the server including user-defined timeouts for connections and reads from remote servers
      -- Server automatically sends pages via email if they fail via snpp

05/18/00 -- 0.10.1 Fixed a bug that might cause the IDS.dat file to become corrupt when a service is deleted.

05/15/00 -- 0.10 Initial release