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g-page is a client/server program for Unix designed to send text message's to alphanumeric pagers or PCS phones with short messaging, SMS, capabilities.

g-page currently supports three protocols: SNPP (simple network paging protocol), SMTP (email), and WCTP (wireless communication transfer protocol). g-page can work on a stand-alone workstation or across a network. The server needs a live Internet connection to dispatch the page.

The g-page client requires Gtk+, the server requires libghttp and libexpat however does not require an X server and runs well on old hardware with limited ram.

Platforms supported: Linux, Solaris (Sparc and X86), AIX, HP-UX, and FreeBSD.

g-page has also been compiled and runs under OS X!!

Bugs, comments, questions and suggestions go to H_Protagonist

Special thanks go to sourceforge.net
for hosting g-page


A new development version of g-page has been released, version 2.14.

This is mainly a bug fix and takes care of a bug added with the proxy server code which broke sending scheduled pages via the WCTP protocol. This version will likely be the last one before the beta for version 3.0 which should be coming soon. I finally installed Gtk+ 2.2 on my sparcserver so I have binaries for Solaris again. Go here for the downloads.

Also g-page has been compiled and runs under OS X and I'm including a binary for anyone who wishes to try it out. You will need to have gtk+ and expat and ghttp installed on your system (via fink) and the binary expects the libs to be in /sw/lib/. I've included the directions needed for compiling the code if you wish to try that as well. As I don't have a Mac at this time I won't be able to help you if you have any questions, unless someone wants to donate a new Powermac to help the cause :)


A new development release of gpage has been released, version 2.13.

This version includes a support for sending pages via a proxy server. (for the WCTP protocol only) Also included is the ability to nest groups in groups and some additional stats have been added to the logging code. Go here for the downloads.


A new stable release of gpage has been released, version 2.03!!

This version includes a port to HP-UX as well as source code that should build on AIX, FreeBSD, Solaris and Linux. Check the README file included in the source for build instructions. Binaries for all supported platforms are provided for those who don't want to build the software.


g-page has been ported to AIX and FreeBSD!!

Binaries for both platforms are now available for the stable 2.02 (gtk 1.2.xx) version. If you have any trouble running these please let me know. I should have binaries for HP-UX after the first of the year if all goes well.


A new stable version, V2.02 has been released.

This is mainly a bug fix with one minor feature added. A logging bug which caused the server to write some of the logfiles in the wrong location when started from the rc.local script has been fixed. The ability to send to multiple recipients from the command line has been added.


A new development version, V2.12 has been released.

This is bug fix which takes care of a pointer gone wild which may cause g-page to crash when sending a page. If you downloaded 2.1 you will need to upgrade to this version. Visit the development page for the downloads. Sorry - Still no sparc binaries available at this time although it should compile fine on a sparc from source.


A new development version, V2.1 has been released!

This is basically a port to Gtk 2.xx with a few optimizations included. It's been tested under Gnome 2 and runs great. Visit the development page for the downloads. Sorry - No sparc binaries available at this time although it should compile fine on a sparc from source.


Version 2.01 has been released.

This is a bugfix which takes care of a buffer overflow problem in the two way message reply code.

I should have a new development version available for the new GTK 2.xx when Gnome 2.0 is released.


Version 2.0 has been released, along with an update for the website too !!!

Many major changes and coding improvements have been added since the version 1.xx release and it's a fairly substantial upgrade. The changelog documents most of the changes as they happened and the features section has been updated to include most of the new additions. All the database files should be compatible so upgrading should be a painless event.

While there are likely to be some bugs left it has proven to be very stable and reliable for me. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, I enjoy getting feedback from people who are using g-page.

Other than porting g-page to Gtk+ 2.0 I'm not sure what the next release will have to offer. Stay tuned.